Homeseer vs leviton

Control connected loads and lights from anywhere using Wi-Fi, an internet connection and the free My Leviton app; that is all you need, no hub required. Alexa devices including Echo, Dot, and Tap sold separately.

No hubs, gateways, controllers, or systems required. Add additional Decora Smart Wi-Fi devices at any time to expand your eco-system. The switches feature true rocker action, pressing the top to turn on and the bottom to turn off. To meet any decor, color change kits are available in white, ivory, light almond, gray, black, and brown.

For the most professional and cleanest installation, pair the device with an optional Leviton screwless wallplate.

Add to Product List. Product Features. Control up to 20 residences, 99 devices, 50 rooms, 50 scenes, 50 activities, and 50 schedules per account. DW15S-1RZ is an identical product in larger retail packaging.

Technical Information. Features and Benefits. Related Products. Where to Buy.

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Online Distribution Retail. Main Menu. Contact Us. Automation - Smart Home. Fan Controls. Motion Sensors. Plugs and Connectors. Color Change Kits. Home Automation Solutions. WiFi Switches. Fan Speed Controls. Adapters and Extensions. Wall Switch Motion Sensors. Patch Cords. Voice, Data, Video Distribution.

Power Supplies. Voice, Data, TV Panels. TV Distribution.HomeSeer is a more powerful device than I actually may need for a simple home security system but it is nice to have flexibility in creating our own system.

HomeSeer vs SmartThings- Updated Research

Otherwise, great system at a very reasonable cost!! I can access it remotely to help him out if he needs it. I am really impressed with this unit and am now looking into the HS light switches. The Alexa integration is also awesome. I may never outgrow this unit as I intent to use Z-Wave for all future automation. Connect your HomeSeer smart home hub to your router and power it on. Shop Now. Learn About HS4 Software.

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Smarten Up Your Home. Garage Doors. Ever forget to close your garage doors? Those days are over. Door Locks. Water Valves. Is the hot water heater leaking? Our smart valves come to the rescue.

Z-Wave Interfaces

Keep an eye on your property, your family, your life with our security cameras. See What Others Are Saying. Clint B. Steve H.


William Graham. Mike Dina. Easy Setup. Connect Hub. Add Devices. Install your smart devices and pair them to your HomeSeer hub. Get Started. Need More Info? Learn More.

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homeseer vs leviton

Facebook-f Twitter Youtube Instagram. This website uses cookies to achieve the best user experience.All products feature the latest series Z-Wave modules and offer greater range, improved bandwidth, network wide inclusion and network self-healing features. Our new smart home wall switches, dimmers and fan controllers have RGB LEDs that are designed to glow or blink different colors based on homeowner preference or when things happen in the home or both. The switch includes RBG LED indicators which may be controlled wirelessly to suit color preferences or to reflect the changing status of other devices in your home.

For best results, this dimmer should be used with our HomeTroller home controllers. Normal mode colors can be set once and left or can be programmed to change every day or on holidays, birthdays and other special events. For example, you can program dimmers to glow green and red on holidays. If no status conditions are active, wall switches automatically return to normal mode.

The switch includes an RBG LED indicator which may be controlled wirelessly to suit color preferences or to reflect the changing status of other devices in your home. When wired in a 3-way, 4-way or 5-way circuit, it will activate the following features for the attached load switch. And then we have the ability to show the status of nearly anything. System integration was easy. These switches are brilliant!

The ability to set the individual colors status lights from events makes these lights the best! The multiple taping scene control puts it ahead of all others by its self alone. Best purchase in my home automation implementation. Almond color kit available. Shop Now. User Guide SmartThings Handler.

User Guide. Craig Belcher. Jason Raffaele. Troy Lynch.

homeseer vs leviton

Weekly Newsletter. Facebook-f Twitter Youtube Instagram. This website uses cookies to achieve the best user experience.But I am completely befuddled as to why Leviton has decided to split these nearly identical switches by either compatibility with Alexa or HomeKit. They are both WiFi switches!

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But who knows. But splitting these product lines does exactly the opposite and makes me reluctant to invest. Anyone else frustrated by this seemingly artificial split of their product line? I am with you! I was so excited when I heard my favorite switch company was going to come out with a wifi and then HomeKit compatible switch!

When I heard they are two different switches, I too was discombobulated! I use Alexia for my primary control method which I want to kept, but I also want to move more to HomeKit to get away from the unencrypted and unsecure z wave. I can see the wifi switch not being able to do HomeKit because of the extra security requirements but there is no reason the HomeKit switch could not do wifi with Alexa. The best I can assume is Leviton made a marketing decision not understanding the ramifications.

Regardless, I am frustrated about the decision! I thought about writing the company today after reading your post and I might take the time to communicate the corcern at some point. If I can find a way to bring the wifi switches into ST, I may just go with the wifi switches for now. At least that way I can have the signal encrypted with WPA2. I wonder if the HomeKit switch actually does all the wifi intergrations and would be discovered by Alexia?

So the same Lutron Caseta switch can be used with any of the four control methods as you like. We use these at our house and like them very much. We primarily use echo for voice control, but do use HomeKit for schedule and scene management. And voice control from the Apple Watch.Is not just a software upgrade?! Anyhow, NOT looking into getting anymore gadgets. But unfortunately, every time I think I can consolidate everything with ST, something is missing or not working right and I find myself falling back on the other hubs.

I have high hopes for hub 2. Their integration is a hit and miss, but that is true for ALL platforms…There is not one platform that works well for me. SmartThings originally said they expected to be HomeKit compatible back in January, before manufacturers realized how complex HomeKit integration would be. Maybe Hub 3 eventually, but no telling one way or the other.

Check the warranty length. Cooper is really well-engineered, reflected in the atypical 5 year warranty. For me, from an engineering standpoint, Leviton is second to Cooper by a little, Jasco is last of the big brands, linear and Evolve are in the middle. Lutron intentionally chose not to go zwave at all for engineering reasons having to do with lag and potential interference. The downside is that Lutron has very little 3rd party integration. We may just have to give up on consolidation.

It only takes a couple extra seconds to switch apps. Hopefully Google is working on something similar to HomeKit that will be easier for everyone to support.

After these past few months, I could probably write a 10 page paper about light switches. Of course, SmartThings integration is more important than the switch itself, so I outfitted my house with Coopers.

Read carefully. Philips said existing bulbs will work, not existing bridges. There will be some kind of upgrade path for the bridges, details to be announced in September. Not impressed with Caseta because of their lack of 3rd party integration. I regret now that I started with Wink and Caseta. As for quirky, they took Wink off the market.

Their CEO is now saying that they have money for couple more months and he is hoping to raise enough capital to keep Wink.If you want to set-up a new home automation system or thinking of switching from your old system to new one seriously, you need updated research. In this article, we evaluate every aspect of HomeSeer vs SmartThings in Before diving deep into the research, we briefly discuss HomeSeer and SmartThings.

Then we will articulate every ins-out of SmartThings vs HomeSeer. SmartThing wi-fi hub is cloud based smart controller which controls smart outlets, smart lights, etc. A wide range of smart devices is compatible with SmartThing Hub and lets everything work together.

It supports all the standard wireless protocols Zigbee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth, etc. The SmartThings app works on both Android and Apple operating systems. The app lets you design to configure and view all added devices at a glance. It has a large supportive community as well as a customer support portal Support. Recently some users in America complain about issues with delayed device health events and Hubs incorrectly showing offline.

But the main issue about SmartThing is its cloud dependency. So the devices are not talking to the outside world nor are the outside world talking to them.

That is, all your personal data is remained under your control and secured. Your goal of the locally controlled system is attainable with HomeSeer Although it will cost you more time and money than SmartThing. However, if the internet is down, everything runs perfectly according to the rules set up by you other than not being able to access it from an external location. To write this article, I talk to plus smart home users and try to understand their demand and problems with home automation.

From my experience and according to user expectations, I categorized them in the following three tiers. They only like an easy -to- go system, which is cost effective and fast.

They also want a smart hub that can easily work with Alexa and Google home. Although they still want to control the smart devices locally as long as they can do it easily. User in this category, like to use SmartThing. This type of Smart Home user is a pro consumer. They are a little bit more involved in set up their home automation system and want privacy.Login or Sign Up. Forums Shop Downloads.

homeseer vs leviton

Cooper vs Leviton Dimmers and Switches? Posts Latest Activity. Page of 3. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 3 template Next. January 13th,AM. Hey guys! A question for all of you users of Leviton like me and Cooper dimmers and switches: Without any regard for the price found a nice salewhich BRAND of z-wave dimmers and switches would you go with? I will only use them in default white color, so any additional plates that come with Levitons are useless.

Any thoughts? Tags: cooper aspireleviton. Used to be almost all Leviton They were the previous design.

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At that time the newer Levitons were much more expensive than the Coopers. So I tried Cooper Aspires and liked them.

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So where smooth wide-range dimming is important to the wife, I swapped out for Cooper Aspires. Then I had to change others to Cooper where matching switches were important required by. I now have a lot of lights controlled by the old Levitons that really have no need to be Zwave.

Screwless Cooper wall plates are much better than Leviton's. And the Cooper plate will work with Leviton.

homeseer vs leviton

Comment Post Cancel. Originally posted by clay2young View Post. Last edited by macromark ; January 13th,PM. January 13th,PM. Originally posted by VirtualPanther View Post. That's my problem too!

Compare Z-Wave Interfaces

I already ordered and expect to receive tomorrow ten Leviton dimmers references above. Or so I thought. Not ideal, but given the price difference between the two, quite acceptable.

Of course, these are newer Levitons the most current ones! I have several of them in a 3-way setup and they seem just fine. Manual control at the switch is a bit difficult, in terms of making them brighter or dimmer: stiff and narrow plastic tab to push.